Im going to write a couple on top of my head and come back some other time when my thoughts will be gathered.

I use a homeopathic cream of calendula for her bottom (rash) and I sprinkle some green clay(argile in french),bought in a herborist,pharmacy(yes the same kind you put on your face as a mask,but not the ones prepared in advance with all the chemicals!!Caution!).The rash diseappears almost immediately(although I try to detect the guilty food she ate,usually milk products)
when she falls I give her arnica ,and cream of arnica(homeopathy,of course)on the spot where she got hurt.

When she had an food allergy I gave her aconitum(homeopathy)instead of running to the hospital for a cortizone shot,after she ate her 1st egg(she had little pimples all over and her voice changed)
but please check with an homeopath for the doses and what to give...Im just stating my experiences as a testimony that theres always another way...

When she is sick,i never give her medication as the fever is natures tool in order to kill the "intruder" in the body when white cells failed...If I stop this process,the body will not come out stronger out of this encounter but weaker and it will be more prone for more serious diseases...

Children detoxify through their miraculous skin.

If the process is stopped ,it goes to the lungs and finally to the bones...

Every adult I know is sick.....Prepared from infancy with bad nutrition,and stuffed with medications...

But taking a pill for every thing,is like sweeping the dirty floor of your house and never take the trash out but put them in a corner...Can you imagine what will happen to that corner in time?

So let the fever and the pimples and the pus...Take the trash out.

Dont cure the symptom.

Im sorry im preaching,i got carried away.

Anyway,i give her baths when she has a fever,one degree lower than her body temperature and unless she is still breast feeding,i give her no food,(animals dont eat when they are sick,do they?)and some spoon fulls of magnesium chloride(see other topic)...
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