Dear all,

I have ruptured a ligament in my right ankle(rtf I think) and torn a ligament in my right ankle..

I have already made an appointment to go for surgery, re-constructive surgery..

Actually, I can move around and run with ease.. I have heard from friends that after the op my right ankle will be very stiff and very difficult to recover.. He added that he had a friend who went for similar surgery and after 4 months still had difficulty just walking!!!

Do you all think I should go for the surgery? Will my right ankle be agile and flexible again(up to 100 percent maybe?) after the surgery? Or will I end up with a permanent stiff ankle forever?

Please assist.. Thanks

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replied September 2nd, 2004
I actually have all the time to recover from the operation because I am currently a soldier, serving national service... I still have 9 months to my ord(operational-ready date).. I.E. To my freedom..

I will not mind staying at home for months , and I prefer that than to go for that stupid army..Some more I do not need to pay for the operation as I have injured myself in camp..

What I am more concerned of is that my ankle is not as agile as before and be very stiff.. As time goes by, will my ankle heel? Will it be as agile and flexible as before?

Please assist.. Thank you..
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