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My Remedy to Restore Hornieness

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And i'm only 33. Healthy. Ride about 50 miles a week on bike, 1000 pushups and 500 situps a week. However I don't get spontaneous erections and such. I'm adopting a hands off policy as sex has become lame with my wife and I and starting to use supplements. Anybody know if this stuff is gonna kill me?

Horny goat weed 2x a day
tribulus terrestris extract 625mg 3x a day
dhea 25mg 3x a day
catuaba 465mg 2x day
muira puama 300mg 2x a day
l-argenine 500mg 8 per day
l-lysine 500mg 2 per day evening
bee pollen 3 per day
saw palmetto 1 per day
multivitamin 2 per day
supreme greens w/msm 6 per day
water 4l / day

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