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Chest pains regular headaches my ribs hurt

I smoke, and I don't know if i've developed cancer or what....Tell me if these sypmtoms sound familiar....

Chest pains.....When I wake up from sleeping on my back
i do have regular headaches
my ribs hurt alson sometimes when I wake up....

If u culd please help me and let me know what u think.....

I know you're not doctors...I'm jus wanting to know if this sounds like something bad....

amanda sue
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replied September 28th, 2004

its hard to tell what you have, but having chest pains may mean many different things: heart disease, lung disease, chest wall disease, stomach or esophageal disease. So I would seek medical attention and let them figure it out.

Good luck
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replied March 27th, 2009
I dont know
I have the same problem & i'm 14 and i've also never smoked a cigerette in my life & i have no clue what it is
i'm really scared too

i just dont want it to be something bad
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replied November 1st, 2009
im scared too
im 22 and also have regular chest pains on the right hand side, i smoked for around 7 years and im really scared to go get it checked out. also my hair seems to be falling out aswel Sad feel like i have no one to turn to
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replied April 15th, 2012
I have injuries to neck and back and have fibromyalgia. I have smoked marijuana for pain for nearly 8years. I constantly find something to be concerned about because I suffer so many symptoms. I have been concerned about almost every type of cancer, diabetes, ms, als, parkinsons, etc. Still for the past month I have had increased shoulder pain and I do have some symptoms of a smoker (dry throut, weezing) and immedietly was concerned about lung cancer again. When I really think about it I think what I suffer from is obssesive anxiety that is instigated by my fibro but heck that doesn't stop me. However after reading from this cite I realize i am not alone in that...
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