My hair has been thinning noticeably for about 6 months. I have been to a general physician (who told me to give it time), a dermatologist (who told me that my hormones were possibly out of whack and to get hormonal tests), a gynecologist (who said to wait it out and did not do hormonal tests) and now I am going to see a specialist (crossing my fingers) tomorrow.

I am so self-conscious about it, I feel like I am withdrawing and I cannot be cheerful. I am constantly thinking about it. I dread taking a shower and washing my hair because I cannot handle looking at all of the hair coming out. I can basically see my scalp on the top of my head - the hair is very thin - like 'see-through.'

i used to have a lot of hair - it would take me about 50 minutes to blow dry. Now it only takes me 10-15 minutes. I feel sick about it.

I was on birth control pills (ortho tri-cyclen and then ortho tri-cyclen lo) for about 3.5 years. I went off of them 7 months ago. I thought that this could perhaps be the cause, but it has been going on for 6 months! I think that seems a bit long, and it does not seem to be slowing down.

I have no family history of hair loss in women. My sister has very thick hair. I have a history of eating disorders, but currently my diet is very good. I have not actively had an eating disorder for 3 years.

I saw one of my friends from college yesterday. She has lost a ton of hair, too. She has recently undergone a lot of emotional stress. Another girl that I graduated with is also experiencing tons of hair loss, and has started taking rogaine. She has an very stressful job. I have not actually seen her, so I don't know how bad it is.

Anyway - I am getting extremely depressed about this. I am acting cold to my boyfriend because I feel so unattractive, I do not know what else to do. I think it's a defense mechanism because if I push him away then he cannot push me away. I feel like i'm isolating myself because i'm ashamed and embarassed and I feel completely helpless and frustrated.

I have had my iron and thyroid tested - both are normal.

Does anyone have any helpful information/thoughts? Any experiences with going off of birth control pills? I have not regained my periods yet, so maybe this is a hormonal imbalance? My gynocologist said I should try to gain some weight, but I have issues with that and if that doesn't work I will feel fat and bald Sad

i am confused about a lot of things - job, what am I doing in life?, etc...But this is making everything so much worse.

Sorry for the novel...
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replied September 2nd, 2004
Hair Thinning...thinning...thinning....gone?!
I know how you feel. It's very mortifying!
I would say for about 5 months now I have been noticing a lot of hair coming out in the shower and in my comb. My hair is just about the only thing about myself that I can honestly say I love! So this is extremely distressing to me. All of my friends and my boyfriend say that I am crazy but I can tell my hair has/is changing. It's a lot thinner all over especially on top and I have a weird itching/burning/sensitivity on the top of my scalp. I have tried changing shampoos taking vitamines...I had my iron and thyroid hormone levels checked... All normal though. I don't use oral contraceptives either. I am a full time graduate student. I'm thinking it could be stress...?...I don't know? Should my next option be to go to a specialist? Or should I embrase and dream of the days when I shave my head?.....God there goes another one!...I am aware of every single hair that comes out of my head!.....Make it stopppp!
Have you tried nioxin? I've heard thats a good product. I might try it next. I also might try increasing my protien...Maybe I am not getting enough.
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replied September 20th, 2004
Massage Hair And Scalp!!
You could also massage hair oil on your scalp. I use amla hair oil .

Do put a towel on your pillow if you apply hair oil overnite. Wash it as usual and do not comb hair immediately after oiling or washing as then the hair roots are tender and that could be one of the reason of hair loss.

Happy massaging!!
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replied October 3rd, 2004
i just read your message and the hair loss sounds similar to what i'm going through. My primary care doctor and a dermotologist I saw both agreed that what I have is called telogen efluvium. My hair just comes out so easily. They both are telling me it will grow back.
Its just killing me inside too. Its a helpless feeling and the quality of our lives are not what they should be. I don't know many people that could just ignore this. I hope this note makes you feel less alone with this problem in some way.
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replied October 3rd, 2004
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Hi there! My cousin lost a lot of hair, my aunt(her mother) was always yelling at anyone and about anything, my cousin went to the Dr. About her hair loss and her Dr. Told her it was due to stress, my cousin moved out and her hair became thick again.
I am no Dr. But it could also be from dicontinuing birth control
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replied November 22nd, 2004
I can definately relate to all these posts. The only difference with me if that I do have a thyroid problem, but my Dr. Insists on not giving me medication for it until the levels are closer to 8 or 9.. Right now my thyroid levels are at 6.

I too, feel embarassed etc. Has anyone tried rogaine or any other medication? Is it even worth trying?
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