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Pregnant With 3rd Child And Angry

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Im 23 years old and due to have my third (and last)child in 3 weeks. Im so very angry and disappointed with every physician I have come in contact with since the birth of my first child. My previous deliveries were both vaginal and this one will be as well. I havent felt normal vaginally since giving birth to my first child, and have often felt that I have a rectocele, although I have a very difficult time getting any Dr. To take me seriously. I am repeatedly told that there is no prolapse present(although I have seen it with my own eyes with a handheld mirror) and that this is an "older ladies' problem". Im so pissed and insulted. Im a nurse and am quite aware of the anatomy and structure of the female vagina, especially my own. I just dont know what to do, im at my wits end! Sometimes I feel so depressed and ashamed. I tried to talk my Dr. Into doing an elective c.S. On me, but he refuses. I have every single symptom of rectocele, including having to perform manual evacuation with a b.M. And a constant feeling of something falling out of my vagina. This is all very humuliating to a 23 year old and really, a death sentence for my self-esteem, dignity, and sex life with my husband. Im going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, and I cant find a decent Dr. Who will even try to help me. Does anyone have any advice?
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replied August 27th, 2004
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Wow!I'd be pissed too if the docs were not listening to me.Having a prolapsed uterus is not just an old lady thing!Are you limited by insurance coverage?If not ,try to get in with the ob/gyn with the best reputation in your area after you deliver and see what options are available to you.I hate docs who won't see past their own egos!!Grrrrrrr!Best of luck to you.Patty
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