I am having a serious back pain.

I am 21 year old girl .
Two years ago I slipped and fell down. Doctors identified this as the cause. Only recently I started treatment.

My doctor told , this is because of some problem in the lower end of the spinal code which was caused by the fall.

And should be corrected by inserting the finger via rectum. If this fails he might have to do a surgery.

I am quite scared that people say , if I go for a surgery it might cause side effects. Is it true ? Pls enlighten me on this
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replied August 28th, 2004
Surgery is always the very last option, only if the pain is totally unbearable and you have tried everything else, medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, and nothing alleviates the pain.

Please get another opinion. And if you do decide to have surgery make sure the doctor is one of the best.

Don't rush into anything.
Good luck to you.
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replied October 8th, 2004
This May Be Too Late
Please if you havent gone ahead with the surgery, I urge you to act upon this post. It details the amazing exercise known as bridging. This movement involves supporting the entire bodyweight on the forehead and feet, this may sound extreme, but stay with me. Pills, acupunture and physio will never fix your back this will. This is the only solution to your problem. Please act upon this post it will ckange your life for the better!!!
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