I take carbatrol. Lexapro and welbutrin for my bipolar disorder. When it is time for me to go to sleep I feel like my mind can not shut down so I have to take ambien. Does anyone else have that problem?
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replied August 28th, 2004
Sleep Disorder
Wee, isn't time to get the medical community to listen to this problem?

I too am medicated for bipolar disorder and have had so much trouble with sleep. For years I thought, "well I am just an insomniac", or, " god is waking me up to pray for people", however what you are describing sounds like "racing thoughts". What a horrible plague.

Switching my meds to pm helps me sleep. On lexapro with tegretol. This med. Combination with exercise such as walking, has greatly improved my sleep pattern. But everyone is different when it comes to meds. We have to consider, blood type, weight, hormones, chemistry and the beat goes on! Rolling Eyes

at first I was reluctant to take any sleeping pills. My focus and concentration problems, hummmmm... Were they from lack of good sleep? Being bipolar does that mean I will never get a good rested sleep? When the brain is off chemically, it stands to reason that all the other things the brain controls will be broken....That includes sleep patterns.

Ambien is listed in the pdr as a drug that should only be used for short term, up to 7 days. When I read that pdr, I asked my psyc doctor and my pharmacist, why did you let me go for over 30 days on this medication? My sleeping pill got changed that day. Now I do not take sleeping pills. For me the lethargy I felt the next day was not worth sleeping with a pill.

Have you tried ?Music? To relax your thoughts? While in bed?
Some nights I sleep with the radio on low low volume. This seems to help me get to sleep as well as stay asleep. I use classical music on public radio. I'm guessing your favorite music with a constant beat could work.
Well this is what I use to get beyond my racing thoughts at bedtime.

Let me know if you try something other than drugs that works to calm those racing thoughts. I like to hear someone is having a good nights sleep... Ruby
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replied August 29th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Ces machines help you sleep (no drugs or side effects & they hep anxiety, stress, etc etc) as do things like valerian or relaxation or as ruby suggested changing the time you take your meds.

There are soo many natural/alternative meds which drs just ignore - please look into alternatives - these could be not only healthier but work alot better - although not as good for the pharmaceutical companies earnings!! But you're the one that counts not them.
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replied August 31st, 2004
Thanks for the suggestions. I was worried about how long I have been taking ambien (2 years). I asked my therapist and he told me I could not get addicted but I feel like my body has grown immune to the dose I am taking. I actually have an appointment to get my meds changed around so maybe that will help. Thanks alot for the input.
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