Hello im scared I was told I need two knee replacements soon im 44 and really scared. How much pain is someone in and how long are you laid up? What is the avergage time of the surgery and stay in the hospital? Has any one die from this kind of surgery that you know about? Or needed bllod transfusions? Can I get get some responds please. Were talking by next month to have this done.Thank you sherry
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replied October 11th, 2003
Knee Replacement And Recovery
I had my right knee replaced on thursday, 09/25/03 at stanford university medical center. The surgery went fine and I stood up the next day. Pain was controlled by a morphine drip which I was advised to use as often as allowed. The md said one of the keys is to not let the pain overwhelm.

On sunday, 09/28 I was sent to a rehab facility. However, my insurance would not pay for the facility I needed to go to and I was sent to lytton gardens where most of the patients would be saying until they pass away. It was so bad there that I came home on tues, 09/30. I live alone and it hasn't been easy. My insurance did send a physical therapist who visits 3 days a week.

I will use a walker for 6 weeks, no driving for 8 weeks and 3 to 4 months off from work if I still had a job. At the 2 week mark the pain subsided drastically and I am able to take several steps with out the walker as long as I have, say, a kitchen counter for balance. I was in such misery with pain and the knee giving way before surgery that the replacement is a big relief.

Yesterday I made it down 15 stairs to my ride, had my staples removed,and was told I can try to go out if I feel ok. I went to the grocery store on the way home and i'm heading to macy's next weekend.

My thoughts..................Go for it.

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