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Arthritis - Celebrex Has Anyone Taken It While Pregnant

Hi everyone,

my gp tells me that there is no evidence that celebrex effects the baby while pregnant but that there is also no evidence that it doesnt effect the baby while you're pregnant.

I would like to know if anyone who has arthritis has been pregnant and what helped them get through it. I have psoriatic arthritis which is similar to rheumatoid arthritis. I have started taking omega 3 supplements and evening primrose oil. Ideally, i'd like to get off the celebrex altogether but at the moment it isnt an option.


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replied September 30th, 2003
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Well this is the information I have, my husband works in medicine.

Celexoxib (celebrex) has caused birth defects in animal studies. Any nsaid may afect fetal heart development during the second half of pregnancy. Pregnant women should not take celecoxib (celebrex) with their doctors's approval. When this drug is considered crucial by your doctors, its potential benefits must be carefully weighed against its risks.

Nsaids may pass into breast milk. Thre is a possibility that a nursing mother taking celecoxib (celebrex) could affect her baby's heart or cardiovascular system. Nursing mothers who must take this drug shoul bottle-feed.
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