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i am wondering if any one out there is prego and using anti depressants??? And if so, what kind and what does you ob/gyn say about it???

I just took 5 pregnacy test yesterday and one this morning to make sure and all of them positive for my 3 pregnacy with my new hubby Wink

and I do take 20mg of celexa that I have been on for at least a year now and before that was paxil for 2 years..It treats my panic/anxiety attacks and I am just wondering if that is going to hurt the baby??? I know I cant get off these meds or I will filp out on my stupid panic attacks and they scare me .... So I am just wonder if anyone out there is on any kind of panic/anxiety meds while being prego???

Thank you,
oh brand new to this site to :d my first post!!! Hi everyone!!!
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replied August 17th, 2004
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I know some meds you can't take at all, but I do know that my friends docter told her not to take hers. However, and this is a big however, make sure you talk to your docter first. I'm no docter and I would say they are the one's you should ask.
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