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I Just Recently Got a Call Saying My Pap Was Bad

I am 22 and I just recently got a call from the doc saying that my pap was abnormal and I needed to come back and repeat it in 6 months.I wasn't realy worried bacause she did say come back in 6 months not something that I need to come back and do now but I remembered going to a diffrent doctor when I was 18 and and getting a couple of bad paps and they refered me to a bigger place (this was only a health department because I didn't have insurence)and I just never went. I guess I was young and didn't have insurence and just didn't think much of it.I have had a pap smear every year since then just at a diffrent place and it has been normal every time until this last one. I have even had a baby and everything has been ok.Could someone please help me out I am scared and I haven't told my new doc about the bad paps in the past. Do you think that if something is wrong with me that it has been wrong with me since I was 18 or since I have had normal ones since then that this is probley something diffrent or should I not even worry because I have had normal ones for a while?Please reply someone I have to wait another 6 months and what if I have had cancer since I was 18?Could I have had cancer and had a baby and no one known it ? I don't have any symtoms.
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replied August 18th, 2004
If you have dysplasia *i had mild dysplasia when I was 20* it could easily have been there since you were 18. It is sooooo important to get those checked out - dysplasia is pre cancer and sometimes resolves on its own and other times turns into invasive cancer that metastisizes (sp?) into other parts of your body!

The reason your other paps could have been normal and you still could have had the problem is because it is possible that the doctor didn't scrape your cervix in the same place each time. If she barely brushed over the pre-cancer cells, there may not have been enough to show up. The cervix is a lot bigger than the tool they use to scrape, so they do the best they can, but sometimes they miss things. My advice to you is to tell that doctor exactly what you told this forum and don't wait another minute to do so. Your health could really depend on it.
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