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Progesterone Levels - Low?

I had a day 21 progesterone test done about two months ago and the doctor said that my progesterone levels were a little low at 8.6. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and wondering if my "low" progesterone levels will effect my pregnancy. From my understanding, your pregesterone levels in your luteal phase (time of day 21 progesterone test) should be between 8-?, then between 10-20 when pregnant, until around the 12th week when the placenta takes over. Am I overreacting, or should I have my progesterone levels checked? Anyone else experience anything similiar?
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replied September 29th, 2003
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Progesterone Levels
Dear blondie,

these are the normal progesterone levels for pregnancy:

1st trimester 11.2 - 90.0 ng/ml
2nd trimester 25.6 - 89.4 ng/ml
3rd trimester 48.4 - 422.5 ng/ml

is that what you meant ? Yeah your doctor is right, they are low but i'm sure doc will keep a close eye on you and it should be fine. Are you recieving progesterone replacement therapy ? I'm not sure if it will affect your pregnancy or not, but from what I know about low progesterone levels is that it can sometimes send you into early menopause. I hope that helps.


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