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Itchy Red Sore On My Penis - Please Help!

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Hello all

i have this annoying sore on the head of my penis which has been there for the past week. As you might expect this freaks me out. I have been sexually inactive for 3 months and I always have been very carful about protection so there's little chance of std. There are no other symptoms then just this one red sore....I dont masterbate often but I thought maybe it could have something to do with that?? Anyways im to embarresed to go the doctor so please give any info you can!!!!

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replied August 13th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
As embarassed as you may be,you need to see the doctor.Believe me docs have seen it alll,you're not the first guy he's seen with sores on his penis.Get yourself checked out asap.Better safe than sorry.Good luck to you!Patty
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