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Swallowing Disorder?

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Hello, I have been having some strange symptoms over the last 3 months and they are gradually getting annoying. I have found my self swallowing constantly throughout the day. This swallowing isn't just for food purposes but I seem to be trying to swallow some foreign object in my throat. At times it feels like saliva is trying to get into my windpipe where as at other times the discomfort feels like it is my epiglottis. It has me concerned because by the time I go to bed at night my neck hurts from all the swallowing. I am 22, and I want to rule out my age, along with other things before I go to the doctor.
I know I need to go in to have an endoscopy from a specialist but I just wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced this before, and if so what was the outcome.
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replied October 13th, 2004
Check out the anxiety and stress forum. The symptoms you describe are common. Do you have any other feelings of stress -- jitteriness, tingling of hand/feet, worrying a lot, muscle pain in random parts of your body?

Could also be acid reflux or post nasal drip -- that's what my ent thought when I brought these problems to him this summer.
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