I am a 45 year old slightly overweight woman. For about 2 weeks, I have had this intermittent pain in the side of my upper right thigh/bottom of the hip. Sometimes the pain seems to radiate and feels like it's also in the muscles of my butt, but mostly it feels like it's in the bone. It comes and goes any time of the day. The pain is not worse with use. It does not hurt more when I put pressure on it or lie on it. Nothing appears swollen.

It's getting very annoying as it seemed to crop up from nowhere. I am a hyphochondriac and am fearing I have bone cancer. I am constantly focusing on and anticipating the pain.

Has anyone had this before. If so, what caused/relieved it?

Your comments are very much appreciated.
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replied August 15th, 2004
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It could also be something as simple as tendonitis. I had it a few years back and the pain tends to radiate through your hip and leg so it's hard to pinpoint where it is coming from. It can hurt whether moving or lying down. I would still see a doctor or and orthopaedic doctor to make sure you have the right diagnosis. Sometimes arthritis or a cyst can cause problems too.
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