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acute appendicitis , kidney stone removed , inflamed bowels

Hi. Im new to this message board. Have several medical issues and have been looking for answers for months now. Drs cant seem to help and my quality of life has become so limited. Hope some kind soul out there takes the time to read this (or several kind souls) and can help me with some answers. This is going to be a ong one so pease be patient. Here goes: as a child I had encepahlitis, and scarlet fever. Developed a heart murmur. Later on another murmur (i my 20's). Also multiple bouts of bronchitis and exposure to toxins and exhaust as well as cigg smoke (my own and others). Lots of moly environments too. I'm now 44 and here's my problem(s):

had an acute (perforated) appendicitis in april of this yr. Had peritonitis. Emergency surgery. In may had kidney stone removed (forgot to pre-medicate). Have had irritable and inflamed bowels since my 20's. Found out I had adhesions(scar tissue) in my abdomen from the peritonitis (also pre-existing adhesions that were removed at time of surgery but have since come back). In august of this year 3 mos after surgery (and lots of rain and living in dusty polluted moldy area) developed severe shortness of breath which hasnt really left me since. Had pain in my right lung that felt like it was on fire. Tightness in neck muscles. Dizziness and disorientation. Prickly feeling in lungs. Soon after was short of breath when I ate all and drank all the time. Couldnt yawn. Could only sleep sitting up, and even then gasping for air. Multiple drs and er's told me I had aniety. Found that I did show some mild obstruction on my pulmnary function tests. Also echocardiogram showed mitral, pulmonic, tricuspid, and aortic valve regurgitation. Drs said no big deal. Had chest pain and felt like fluid moving near heart and in lungs but drs said no. Had rapid heart rate (still do on exertion). Also acid reflux. Have adhesions possibly up on diaphragm affecting breathing, and in abdominal cavity causing inflammation. Have lost 30 lbs, my apt, my job, my independence. Constant pain in shoulders. Headaches. Can only eat small meals because get short of breath. Have to sit almost forward to get full breath. Steroids, inhalers, etc. Only work sporadically, and make me "crazy", plus I dont think I should take them because of my heart. Feel pulling in my lungs and under my breastbone and dont know if it's also the adhesions. Most recently had an abdominal ultrasound and there'sa possiblity of gallstones. Havent gotten results yet. I'm totally at a loss for understandng what this all is about. Is it copd,heart disease, intestinal, from adhesions, systemic, kidneys, neurological, pulmonary hypertension, combo? Have alot of lower abdominal pain. I have some infections in the teeth in my mouth and gums (genetics) on and off ofr yrs. Now. Anyway, drs test and say no problems. But they keep repeating the same tests. And to make matters worse, I lose my benefits in oct. Can anyoe shed some light on all this? I know its terrribly confusing but I need help. Feel weaker every day and have so much to live for.
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replied February 28th, 2004
Yes I know what your problem is
you have adhesios there isn't any test for them but surgery I have had this problem for yeares I have had 23 surgerys on my adominan
and doctors dont understand the pain that goes with this unless they could feel it for them self!

I sugest that you find a good surgeon and explain that you have a histery of them!

I'm going on the 3rd. To see one in madisonville my selfand I also found out that there is this kinds film they can put in there that is supose to help them not to grow back so if you dont get beter I would tell my doc. To send me to a good doc ok?

my name is sue
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