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Holy Crap! Miracle Story!

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Check this out! Its amazing!..I read this story on the news from california..Its a great miracle story about a baby and her mom!

Mother lives to tell about dying after giving birth
woman describes moments she was clinically dead

san diego -- deb foster has a new outlook on life. Nearly a half-hour after delivering her second child, bryce allyson, by caesarean section, a rare event took foster, (pictured, left), to the brink of death, 10news reported.

Woman reunited with doctor who saved her life

"i have never seen it and I have been a nurse for 21 years," said a scripps mercy hospital nurse.

Foster had an amniotic fluid embolism that was ready to explode at any moment.

"as they moved me from the recovery room gurney to the actual hospital bed ... The embolism came loose," she told 10news. "it started to shut down my lungs, which then caused me to go into cardiac arrest and that's when I was gone."

foster said she went "somewhere else."

"i was on the other side -- on a staircase that went up very high into the sky ... It's indescribable, the color of the sky. It's the deepest, purest blue you will ever see. It was the perfect moment," foster said.

She was pronounced clinically dead.

"i would hear people say, 'she doesn't have a brachial. She doesn't have a radial. She's not responding,'" foster said. "here I am, 42 years old, and I never thought I would go this soon and I never thought I would die in this way."

a team of doctors and nurses from all over the hospital worked to revive her, whose body was shutting down.

But something brought her back.

"i heard her voice say, 'deb, this is Dr. (vivian) ellis. You just delivered a beautiful baby and I need you to hang in there. I am going to try and save you,'" foster told 10news.

Ellis did save foster.

"we always said we were soul sisters and that's what it feels like right now," ellis told 10news.

The first time foster saw the woman who helped bring her back to life, she wanted to know all the details of her life and death experience.

"what are you thinking as you work on a person?" she asked ellis.

"i talked to you and I was trying to tell you what I was doing and I knew that help was on its way," ellis told her.

Foster said that help is the reason she is still here caring for her baby girl, bryce.

"i can tell you how important it is for people to be giving someone hope because over and over someone kept telling me, 'you have to hang in there for your children,'" foster said.

Ellis still marvels at how foster beat the odds -- 85 percent of women die from an amniotic fluid embolism.
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Wow, that is amazing...Why are you using this username again? You are confusing me!Lol. Laughing
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replied August 6th, 2004
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It says my other 1 no longer exists!?!?
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