i have suffered from diplopia since I was about 16. Mine occurs when I look right, as soon as my eyes move from straight ahead I get double vision. It also happens on the far left.

I was never told what caused it and I have just lived with it. I have recently been getting strong pains in my head which the doctor put down to trinomial nuralgia. At the time I rarely wore my glasses (prisms), but the doctor suggested I ware them all the time, which I now do.

The problem is that its now getting to the point where I have to wear them. I have difficulty playing sports and driving if they are not on.

The question I have is: - is wearing the glasses making the muscle lazy and thus making the problem worse, or is it just that I am now more used to 'normal' vision that I notice it more when the glasses are off?

Any help would be appreciated!
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