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What Do I Do? Hair Loss In Only One Spot

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Okay a year ago I had this one bald spot on the soft spot of my head and it was the size of maybe the most a quarter..The size stayed the same and I went to get a hair cut at the salon and the stylist told me to just try applying some garlic mixed with salt on the area and then wait 1/2 hr and rinse and clean area with peroxide I did this maybe only twice and the hair grew back. Although 3-4 months ago......

I encountered the same problem but in a different spot, this time on the side of my head (on top of my ear)
i tried the garlic home remedy but it did not work at all...Anybody know what this could be?

Oh yes..And there is no pain,itching,redness or swelling of any kind
your reply is appreciated
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replied April 24th, 2009
Hi my seven year does two have the same symptoms as you.
Hi there my son is seven and im trying to find the same problem solve but his hair has been out in the same spot on top of his soft spot. about 3 months now its growing slowly but no rapidly. He also has a bold spot like like in top of his hear also that looks like a fungus out of a small infeced dog
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