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This Is Probably a Silly Question to Ask ...

I recently went to the eye doctor for a simple checkup. She gave me those drops and my eyes became dilated. Then she checked my eyes with a machine with a bright light - no biggie. However, by accident I stared directly into the bright light. I saw a black spot for about 10 seconds then it went away.

My question: do you think that this bright light that I stared right at (with my eyes dilated) could have caused any permanent damage to my eye?

I know this sounds silly, but i'm just a little curious.


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replied August 3rd, 2004
That's happened to me too, don't think there's anything to worry though. Of course i'm no expert. The thing is, I was told to look directly "at" the super bright light, so go figure.
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replied December 2nd, 2004
What you describe is like seeing an outline of a flash when you get your picture taken. What you saw is an "afterimage" of the bright light. If you're not having any problems, you should be okay...
If you'd like more information, you can look up "opponent process theory"
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