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Mystery After Tonsilectomy?

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i'm going to post this in a few diff boards as i've no idea whats going on. At the minute from the symptoms you'll read below it could be ent, vision, stomach, blood or neural related.

I had a tonsilectomy 5 weeks ago after being plagued with tonsilitis all year. This included swelling of my tongue, & a gagging rephlex in my throat. Upon removal my surgeon said the throat was in a bad state, and there was even scarring on the back of my tongue. There were 2 bouts of hemorraghing from the throat a week and a half after the operation.

Some of the symptoms I attributed to the illness have not gone away - weakness/fatigue in limbs, very tired, blurred vision/inability to focus, imbalanced - plus the throat/tongue are still incredibly swollen. This is not painful but it is very uncomfortable and almost closed over. Over a week ago the specialist claimed it was just taking some time, and even checked my ears for any infection that may be causing the other problems - this was clear.

My next port of call was my gp who referred me to an optician. He claims that I need a contact lens in my right eye, due to a deterioration in the muscle controlling the lens in my eye, and that may be causing the imbalance.

However, after feeling like everything was clearing up and announcing I would return to work, I went out to celebrate on friday night, having a few beers. I was careful with the amount and didnt mix my drinks. However, from yesterday i've been crippled with nausea, vomitting and the weakness is worse than ever. Similar attacks happened last year, and lasted for days, and I have never suffered from bad hangovers. Surely a simple contact lens would not solve these problems.

I did suffer from heartburn in the past, but there is no pain at all now, and no actual discomfort in the stomach either.

I was a fit and healthy 27 year old male vegetarian, and am fast running out of patience with the medical profession who don't seem to have the slightest idea what is wrong with me.

Any ideas at all?
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