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Pregnant But On Roaccutane Plz Help Me Need Answers

Hi I just found out im 1 month pregnant but I have a problem I started roaccutane 5 days ago but dicontiued taking them today will my baby come out defect

because they say do not get pregnant before or after while on roaccutane I dnt now what to do I cannot get an abortion just the thought is frightining.
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replied July 30th, 2004
Dont Know
I was alsoo on that but they give me a pelvis exam and a preg test and I had to be on birth control before starting it. Ask your doc!! Good luck
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replied July 31st, 2004
Experienced User
Yeh they gave me an exam to but I wasnt preg but I havent been there for 2 months they wont me to go bak in 3months time. I was on birth control I dnt know how I became pregnant I think becasue I had sex 3 days after I started is there any chance of a birht defect if ive only been on it for 5days would you know or anyone..
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