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Is Brain Damage Reversable?? Will I Get Better???

I've had headaches and migraines since I was very young. I am now 30. All sorts of tests have been ran and nothing has ever been found until now. In june I had a small seizure (non convulsive) 2 abnormal eeg's later and the diagnosis of epilepsy has been reached. At first I was told that more than likely, due to the fact of no trauma, I was more than likely born with epilepsy. And the seizures have been in the form of headaches and migraines and other things that may have seemed normal to me but were actually seizures. But I never would have known the difference, since i've experienced these almost my entire life.
Now things are getting worse. My symptoms are worsening. I can actually feel my iq dropping. It is getting more difficult for me to read and write and pronounce words that has never been a problem for me before.
Now, my neurologist is telling me that maybe instead of me being born with epilepsy, that it's just the oposite. That my headaches have been benign. That from having such severe migraines and headaches my whole life, they have caused brain damage. And slowly I am getting dumber. I have not been tested for this yet. I am having an mri done tomorrow to check for a brain tumor of some sort. And then he'll send me to a neuropsychologist to assess my brain damage. No one except the people really close to me can tell how dumb i'm getting. Opposed to it taking me close to 7 minutes to type this, it's taken me close to 25. I've had to sound out most of the words and correct most of the spelling. My memory is shot and I can't do more than one task at a time. I could go on, but I won't. Is this reversable? If there is no tumor...If it's only brain damage caused from benign headaches that has caused epilepsy and brain damage, is the damage reversable?
Is brain damage reversable??????????????????????
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replied August 5th, 2004
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I have had migraines of various types since age 16 (33 years!!) & no sign of epilepsy & there is some in my family, & aside from normal stress or pain related brain hassles (at the time not constantly etc) no brain or iq issues. So I find the whole idea bizarre that migraines would cause iq loss - think how many people suffer them & how often have you heard anything this weird mentioned. I am calling the drs idiots not you!!!!

Many epileptics hold down demanding jobs so again I find such a conclusion/explanation bizarre.

I have experienced (personally & several family members) specialists misdiagnosing health problems though - including making a diagnosis when they didn't know the answer!! Evil or Very Mad


1. Have you obtained several opinions (without dr each talking to the other!!)??

2. Have you been to see what alternative therapists say - homeopath, naturopath to start (actually pm drvenugopal a homeopath from india who posts here - he might be able to give you some ideas/leads)??

3. Go to google & type in migraines & brain damage also treatment of migraine related brain damage & (to my amazement - it does exist) you may find some help - but given your situation i'd suggest getting a family member/friend to do this as there's alot to plough through!!

4. Look into natural supplements that help memory/brain function gingko, also smart nutrition.Com has some tablets that might help & i'm sure there are other on-line places to get help/meds etc.

5. Go to dynamind.Com or alpha-stim.Com & rent/hire a ces machine (cost to buy about $us200)- this machine has done wonders for my migraines - they help the brain in lots of ways & from what you describe - i'd be getting all the help I could!!
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