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Febrile (?) Seizure In 7 Yr Old

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We have a son who had febrile seizures (about 5
or 6) starting at 18 months and had the last one
just before his 4th birthday. Since then he has
run high fevers but had no more seizures and I
thought he had outgrown them. A few weeks ago,
he was sick, spiked a high temp and had another
seizure. His pediatrician would like him to
have a neurology workup - he says 7 is really
too old to be having a febrile seizure. The
literature that I have found states that they
happen in children up to 5 yrs of age (i've seen
6 mentioned a time or two). Our problem is that
we do not have insurance and so are trying to
research this to see if indeed we do need to
have him thoroughly worked up. My gut feeling
when it was happening, was that it had to be
related to his high fever. He has no other
obvious symtomes/problems. Thanks in advance
for any insight you might share! ~judy
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replied July 29th, 2004
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I agree (i would agree even if you had insurance - because a full work up could be stressful for him & unnecessary - also if a work up is needed you want to be sure all the possibles are tested for not just what the dr sees as the probable or even the "in" thing with the medical community.

Check on search engines & remember that you can do the same search 10 times & get 10 different sets of answers - beats the hell out of me how or why but i've had it happen alot!!

Check seizures asscoiated with high temperatures, febrile seizures, seizures in babies, toddlers & young children all separately. Also check causes of seizures, medical conditions that can cause seizures, alternative medicines answers to seizures etc - in other words everything you can think of.

Think about your(& your husbands) family medical history, any other (seemingly) unrelated symptoms, his general behaviour, learning skills, social & sport skills - everything that tells you all about him!!
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