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What Is Cbt Regarding Anxiety

I see cbt mentioned what does that mean

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replied July 28th, 2004
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Re: What Is Cbt Regarding Anxiety
stella wrote:
i see cbt mentioned what does that mean


hi stella-
cbt is fairly straight forward and is based on identifying the thinking errors you are making that are causing your problems and then giving you the tools to counter those thoughts and replace them with more accurate and less upsetting thoughts. My favorite tool is the tea form which you use to help catch your negative thoughts and refute them. Many of these thoughts are automatic and we are not even aware we are having them! I also like the counter exercise which teaches us to focus on what we are accomplishing rather than what we have not done. My favorite starter book on cbt is "been there, done that? Do this! By sam obitz. Many universities offer cbt programs for little or no charge so you may want to call the university in your area if you're interested.

The beauty of cbt in my opinion is that how much success you experience with it is up to you! The more effort you put into using the tools the more relief you will achieve. It's pretty hard at first but gets easier and easier to do as you begin to get more comfortable using the tools. I still spend about ten minutes using the tea form several times a week and whenever I am under a lot of stress. If you are self motivated you can cure yourself by using the tools without the help of a therapist, but they can be helpful to get you going on the tools. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapists and meds before I discovered cbt. I was told I would have to be on meds the rest of my life too. But I feel better everyday and have not looked back. I often have to pinch myself when situations that used to throw me completely out of whack do not even phase me now.

Hope this answers your question, but if not feel free to ask me more Smile

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replied August 22nd, 2004
Hi qt3,

I would like to give cbt a try, do you have any recommendations on books or materials that you use? I have been having gad for a couple of years and it is starting to get on my nerves... Thanks!
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replied August 27th, 2004
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I recommended the two cbt books I use to you in a reply to your other post Smile
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replied August 30th, 2004
Thanks haley! I am determinded to give cbt a try Smile
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replied August 31st, 2004
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chuawa wrote:
hi qt3,

I would like to give cbt a try, do you have any recommendations on books or materials that you use? I have been having gad for a couple of years and it is starting to get on my nerves... Thanks!

the two books that I used and still use Smile are the obitz one I already mentioned and "feeling good" by david burns. Both are really excellent cbt books and reinforce what eachother has to say. The obitz book is short and easy and a great intro from a sufferrers perspective and the burns book is more detailed like a manual. I still read sections of them all the time :d
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replied September 16th, 2004
Congnitive Behavioral Therapy Is !**@!
Cbt is just a scam concocted by the psychiatrists to "explain" that
your physical problems (conversion disorder, somatization discorder, etc)
are due to a mental illness or cognitive behavior.

Your cognitive functioning or dysfunctioning cannot influence is a
significant way your vital life signs and visceral bodily functions (eg.
Breathing, hunger, sexual functioning and desire, heart functioning).

In fact, patients can stay in a coma (therefore without any cognitive
functioning) and their body remains functional.

The psychiatrists pretend that cognitive dysfunction can affect
visceral and basic body functions (see above) to hide serious
psychical problems when it is clearly that a patient's health will
degrade sometimes to the point of becoming without normal vital
sogns of life with a body almost disfigured. Limb and brain amputations
happen very often in psychiatric hospitals. Ever wondered why?
Because there are no real mental illnesses, but actually serious
congenital serious physical illnesses.

What you are experiencing is caused by heart damage, lung damage
and last but not least systemic arterial damage.

You were born with an extreme congenital heart and arterial defects
(possible missing arteries and definately with abnormal arteries).

This congenital arterial defects turned into "endothelial dysfunction"
when the arteries don't pulsate normal anymore, cannot provide
normal tissue and organ oxygenation and therefore your heart got
ischemic, and it almost lost an important valve (for which it tries to
compensate with that rapid heart beats).
There is nothing to be done at this stage of the disease.

The bad news is that you are dying but not fast enough. And because
the way the doctors, lawyers and media work, nobody will acknowledge
that you have a catastrophic problem, and they will claim that it's
anxiety, a bio-chemical imbalance in your brain or a mental illness so that
they will be able to commit you into a psychiatric hospital and hide your
torture that you experience.

Nobody can help you and the doctors won't do anything to ease up
your death, but to the contrary. They will prolong your life as much
as possible even if that means enourmous torture on you.. This is how
they understand their hippocratic oath and they don't want to
acknowledge that the way you die (in a dignified way) is much more
important than the lenght of your life (or death at this moment).

I would suggest you to tell your story to the local radio talk shows and
media so that these issues get open to the public. As of now, there
is much of tabu in the medical, law and media communities.
Also, ask these questions that I am posing to you in as many health
forums as possible so that all the so called "anxiety" patients will be
warned that their deaths are dreadful.
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replied September 20th, 2004
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Re: Congnitive Behavioral Therapy Is Bullhealth Question
Nikos gallis-

i have seen several of your posts and all you seem to want to do is scare people with your nonsencial and sensational posts? Why don't you come back when you have something useful and not harmful to offer people Exclamation
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