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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) affects more than 1 million American women. But what is PID? And what parts of the body does it affect? Basic PID facts here....
How does medical history put you at risk of developing PID? And what causes pelvic inflammatory disease? Are you at risk?...
Pain during intercourse is one sign of PID. But what other symptoms should you look for? And when should you seek help for irregular menstruation?...
Can the bacteria in uti cause pid or pelvic inflammatory disease? After having laparoscopy very recently, I was diagnosed of having evidence of pid. But how did I get it?, the possible causes of pid doesn't apply in my lifestyle as I did not had std, nor multiply partners, i'm very cautious in using toilets.

Some months ago, my husband was having difficulty in urinating and in some occasion it had traces of blood (urine is somehow reddish in color). I am very confident that my husband does not have outside sexual relation, so my guess is that the problem could be caused by uti though it is still yet to confirm as he does not like to go to doctors (not only in this issue but whatever help issue from stomach pain to dental, he dosn't like or lazy to see doctors).

If not from uti, wherelse did I get my pid?

I'm so confussed. I'll be grateful to hear from you...
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replied July 27th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Sounds like possible lack of sterile procedure either during or after the laparoscopy or possibly it entered through say kidney or vaginal or urinary tract infection - certainly some of these could have been thanks to your husband having an infection (doesn't have to be due to sex with another person).

I suggest you insist on blood & urine tests for all possible causes & x-rays etc if the pain is that bad or if there are other symptoms.
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replied July 29th, 2004
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Hi charisma,

sorry to hear that you have been suffering same as I am at moment.

As far as I know, yes a urine infection, if not treated properly, can cause p.I.D. The bacteria travel higher up the genital tract and can effect the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes and even bowel, etc.

I am 41 yrs old and only sexually active with husband. We hv both been tested for std (which apparently is routine) and are both negative.

I suspect that mine is from a i.U.D (coil) that I had for two years. I was fine prior to this. I had a lap feb 03 which showed lots of scar tissue and adhesions and also acute inflammation but no endo. I have had many courses of anti-biotics which helped to a degree but symptoms have always returned.

Having another lap 16th aug, and if pelvis is same as before with acute inflammation and no sign of endo. I may decide to have a hysterectomy, as I am totally fed up and now want my life back.

When you had your lap did the gynae take a biopsy to see what had caused the infection? This is what I am having done this time.

Regards, troubled taurean
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replied May 19th, 2013
Hi troubled taurean, it was a long time since your last post. I wonder if youre ok now. I too suffered from pid and antibiotics dont seem to help.
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