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No Ulcer, No H. Pylori, What's the Problem?

I've had stomach problems for around 15 years, taking tagamet, pepcid, then zantac. Doctors diagnosed as chronic gastritis from my information alone back then. Recently I had an endoscopy performed and the results were:

oesophagus: z line at 42-cm. No evidence of oesophagitis, no varices.
Stomach: mucosa of the fundus appears normal. There is mild erythema of the body and antrum with hemetin spots. Pylorus appears normal. No ulcer.
Duodenum: 1st and 2nd parts appear nromal. No ulcer.

They don't have the facilities to culture h.Pylori where I am (tanzania) so no biopsy was taken during the endoscopy. The doctor put me on the heligo drug cocktail nonetheless (a blood test for antibody was negative, but he said that isn't definitive). Since then, I can't say that my stomach feels "normal" though, if I could even remember what that is like. No real pain (probably because I have avoided all alcohol for 3 weeks now), but still gassy and bubbly on occasion and always feel that slightly painful gnawing feeling in the morning.

Seems like my stomach fauna can't get itself sorted out. Any ideas on further diagnosis or treatment? I have a color scan of the endoscopy if helpful.
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