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Diarrhea Then 4 Days Later Constant Rectal Pain.

I started running every night a week ago. Out of the blue I was having diarrhea. Then yesterday I started having constant rectal/anal pain? I looked up the area of my pain in a diagram and am guessing rectal.

So my symptoms are:
1)diarrhea (no bleeding)

2)rectal pain that hasn't stopped for 24 hours (not horrible pain but its sore, I slept fine last night.)

3)i possibly feel the urge to have movements constantly. It may just be diarrhea. I read that ulcerative proctitis makes you want to have movements.

4)other than the rectal pain I am perfectly healthy.

Basically, I don't have my insurance card, my mom does. And I don't want to tell her whats happening so I can go the doctor unless I absolutely need to. She's a blabber mouth and my whole family and extended family would hear about this. I've read about chrone's and the ulceratives but is there ever just an inflamation of the rectum that causes dull pain and diarrhea that "cures itself?"

like food poisoning or something?


Edit: I should also mention I lifted about 30 boxes up stairs about 3 days ago. I'm not sure if hemeroids causes diarrhea.
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First Helper canada_mittens

replied July 25th, 2004
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How old are you? It could possibly be hemeroids(sp?) but don't be embarrased about this. You health is number one. I have colon cancer and I am 20 years old. I talk about bowel movements and colons on a daily basis! Please go to the doctor! And keep us updated

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replied October 6th, 2007
Past Three Months-diarrhea And Lower Abdominal Pain
I am twenty and I have been having strange symptoms for the past 3 months including
• chronic diarrhea
• blood in stool (according to an occult blood exam done)
• body chills
• headaches
• fever
• painful body aches (lower back in particular)
• extreme weakness and fatigue (to the point I cannot carry heavy items and walk a far distance)
• loss of appetite (i have lost a total of ten pounds in one month)
• poor concentration
• small skin rashes
• low blood pressure
• sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen
Symptoms fluctuate every other week. Several blood tests have been done and are normal count of antibodies and glucose levels. Stool examined for organisms but nothing found. I was told by a GI specialist to have a colonoscopy done because they cannot seem to detect anything from other exams. I have seen about four different doctors of which none have been able to diagnose anything. According to physicians my thyroid is okay and I do not have colitis, aids, or crohn’s disease. Do you have any ideas of what can be causing these symptoms?
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replied July 7th, 2009
It must really suck to live in the US where you people can't just go to a doctor and find out what's happening with your bodies instead of asking strangers with no medical degrees online.
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