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Testicular Acne? Cysts? Infected Hair Follicle?

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Ok, most of the hair follicles on my testicles are noticeable; the end of the hair can be seen under the skin.

I had bad acne when younger. I often get ingrown hairs on my neck and back.

Some of these have become larger and look like they are filled with pus like a small boil. I know its not smart, but I have tried to self-lance them. Unfortunatly, this has proven ineffective and just makes the boil more inflamed.

Some smaller ones that look like white heads can be popped like a zit.

None of these are painful.

Ok, anyone know what it is, and what some possible solutions are?

Thanks in advance
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replied July 28th, 2009
hair follicle acne
hej.My boyfriend have this weird hair follice acne on his head, where the hair doesnt even wanna grow. We presst it, a little puss came out, then its only blood. Every time we pop it he feel ill and very dizzy.
We also went to the doctor with it who only pocked it with a needle and nothing happened.What can we do to get red of it? Is it dangerous that he get all dizzy after it?
Thank you
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