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Don't stress out about getting pregnant. It will happen, only when you lower your anxiety. Stress really does take a toll on you. I was convinced that I could not have another child. Six years went by.

So we worked, went to school, had fun with our first child, and when they told me that I was pregnant again-

I went into shock- and after our second child's 2 years old birthday party I came to the realization that doctors don't know jack about everything.

Three doctors told me that I couldn't get pregnant again, endometriosis removed three times, one fallopian tube, two c-sections. Please. Be patient, enjoy life more, start saving money for what may come.

Heck you might even have twins- then what will you do? So start putting some money away- so when you do get pregnant- you might stand a financial chance in spoiling and providing for your child.

Time flies by after that- you are so busy with picking them up from school and daycare- taking them and their friends to the mall, movies- you will wish that you spent more time preparing for when it does happen.

Now that I have two beautiful children, cozying up at the age of 33, exercising, wrapped up in their lives and mine, I wish that I did make the most of my time back then.

What happens after the cute fun few years? Reality sets in. Lol but it's great, and keeps you on your toes. Teenage years!

Right now- try to improve your disposition so that you can be a better parent. What are your values- problem areas you need to improve now- anger management?-maintaining a proper diet and exercise program? Things that you will need later. Sewing always had me stumped. Try to find some interests you might want your child and you to do years from now. My husband embraced karate and so has our eldest child. The second one looks like a "softball" type of girl. Prepare and have fun at it.
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replied October 11th, 2004
I really enjoyed reading your post! I too have endo and am currently having so many troubles getting pregnant! I have only been married 2 months and it really is heartbreaking after trying for so long(we have been trying for a year now)
but it's really great to hear success stories when your about to give up! Did you do any treatments such as lupron? I did and my dr told me it would help to increase my chances and of course didn't. Sometimes I feel as tho they just say that stuff to get your $! (i work at a drs office and in some cases it seems true)altho it's not!What about other treatments u have done? I had laproscopic surgery in 02, went on lupron for 6 months after that, the pill for 6 months again, and then they wanted to wait and see! Wait and see what, I am still in pain with every period, still no babies and still tryin! I dunno, maybe we should give up for a while and "wait and see"
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