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diagnosed with stage iii adenocarcinoma Can't Bear Watching

Since being diagnosed with stage iii adenocarcinoma of the lung (inoperable) my 78 y old dad (fit and trim to start with) has lost 21 lb in weight. He's had 3 cycles of chemo, 2 radiotherapy treatments and now they're just monitoring as no more can be done. He recently has developed pain in his right arm, and as he's already on strong painkillers, this seems ominous. He lives alone, is fiercely independent, how bad is this?I know each person's experience is different, but has anyone info they could share to let me know what to expect? Naturally i've trawled the net, but while there is a wealth of info on diagnosis, chemo, etc., there appears to be little about what course the disease takes as it approaches terminal, like what might it be helpful to know, how can you tell if there are secondaries, etc. Thanks for reading this. Question
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replied July 30th, 2004
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I don't have answers & it appears no-one else who has read this has any either - perhaps you could get some from a cancer support group (either for sufferers or their families) if you don't know of any contact the hospital or community health centre or even the drs office or the phone book!!

Good luck.
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replied December 11th, 2009
I just lost my mother about 3 weeks ago to colon cancer that had metastisized into the abdomen and chest. She was diagnosed 6 months ago. As the disease progresses they become more dependent on whom ever is taking care of them. Depression can also set in which i found was the case with my mom. They become more tired as well, sleep more. walking can become a chore. Its very hard but just being there i found was comforting. My mother was only 47. Weight loss is normal. My mother went from 190 pounds in February/March to 135 when she passed. You may noticed that things they say don't make any sense. Not sure if that is the disease or just all the things that are happening in their heads. Hope this helps a little.
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