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Bleeding From Small Intestine And With a Heart Attack

this I am writting for my uncle.
On june 21th suddenly he had bleeding from stomach small intestine. And the doctors did an emergency process like angioplasty (kind of) to block the blood leak and suggested some medicine for this. After 18 days, july 11, he had heart attack. Then during ekg and angiogram test they found two blocks and one in the main artery with 90% block.

Now the dilema is doctors cant give any powerfull medicine to dilute the artery block because that may effect his small intestine bleeding problem at the same time we need to to do something for the artery block. Currently the doctors suggeted medium dose medicine for heart block and then after a few days he may require angioplasty for the block removal.

Could you please suggest what is the ideal teratment, with less risk, for this kind of dual issues ?
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