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Ok, this is embarassing but ts either asking online rather than ging to a doctor.

Here goes, is there such a disorder or medical explanation for when a mans penis retracts of recedes into a mans body? When I have a errection everythings ok, I can also pull on it (not a hurtful pulling) and it is ok with its length, but then it will just shrink back into my sac, so I guess my question is....Is this a medical condition or am I just hung like a pixie elf?

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replied July 16th, 2004
I think this is normal, when your penis is flacid or limp it doesn't reflect the size of how big it can be when it's erect. Basically, a guy's penis can be 1 inch limp and 7 inches erect.

If you're still worried, go to your docs. I've been a few times for things and I suffer major shrinkage when i'm nervous, it goes tiny. Your doctor has no doubt seen all shapes and sizes and it's all in a days work for him.
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replied April 15th, 2009
Sore Penis
Your penis burns due to lack of lubrication. Use lube before you enter the vagina and on your penis when masturbating. I can't believe you didn't know that. Lotion or Vaseline or maybe ky lube, especially the warming kind is great.
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