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Weird Feeling In My Leg

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For the past few days i've had a bizarre "tingly" feeling in my lower left leg. I'm not really sure how else to describe it. It's on the front of the leg, as opposed to the calf. It doesn't hurt, it just lingers there, sometimes for hours on end. Bending my foot at the ankle seems to aggrivate it more than anything else. Any ideas what it might be?
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replied November 8th, 2004
I Had All of These Signs Itching, Tingling....
, aching, jumpy legs, sore joints etc etc. Way before I found out...

I have has neuropathy for 18 years, it was caused first by kidney disfunction, and finally when I lost my kidneys due to alports syndrome my legs and hand went completely numb.

Diabetics are usually the highest risk for contracting nueropathy but any chemical defeciency will contribute. Especially the b series.

All of you who are experiencing tingling, pain from an unknown source, knee and ankle problems.

Get to your dr's office and see a neurologist asap!

The worse it gets the harder it is to treat.

My wife was diagnosed with a mild case of diabeties but the neuropathy kicked in right away.

She just underwent a new surgery to relieve nerve pressure in her legs, kind of like carpel tunnel syndrome surgery. That was this last friday, today she is noticing a considerable difference even all tucked up in that huge plastic boot.

She intends to have the other leg done in a month, and then it's my turn.

Believe me after 15+ years of having "drop foot" where I cannot move my toes, I have absolutely no sensation on the surface but I have dealt with pain, clinics, narcotics, and every other option available. If this works as the Dr. Says there is an 80+% success rate and I can actually walk normally, and maybe even run again I don't have to tell you what that would do for my outlook on life.

Neuropathy is a silent and rarely talked about disabler.

Share this information with all concerned.
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