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Are Schizophrenia And Epilepsy Related? Please Read!!!

My mom has had schizophrenia since I was 7. I recently have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Are the 2 related? Both are brain diseases. If they are related, does this mean I may eventually have schizophrenia?
I've been through it all with my mom and I am not prepared to put my daughter through the same.
Notice the cycle, here?
Please, could someone answer with some helpful advise. Or is this something I should simply ask my neurologist?
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replied July 22nd, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
I am not a dr but have never read or heard anything t suggest that having one means you'll get the other - anymore than a person whose parents didn't have any mental illness is assured of not having/getting one.

There just are no guarantees in life - as for your daughter - all you can ever do (any of us) is the best you can do at the time, love her, care for her, be honest & fair with & to her.
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