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Hi every one, my name is vicky, & my husband & I are retired, we're both disabled. He just had cancer removed from his lung, he got it from agent orange that they used in viet nam. His recovery is going great. I'm a 4 time stoke survivor.
I have a blood clotting disorder from my systemic lupus disorder. I also have frequent boughts of plural effysion(fluid around the lining of my lung. ) it has to be drrained immediately, or the liquid turns to a gel, & requires lung surgery, & i'm a very poor risk, so the gel is now covering 1/2 of my lung capacity, & very soon i'll go on full time oxygen.
I have the use of only one arm, but have addapted beautifully. I'm a survivor.
I have a cousin who sayes she has discoid, & systemic, her flaires last for 2 years at a time. Can that be true? She is looking for attention alway's. Poor cousin. ..../ I have such a great attitude, & would hate pitty. I have 3 question's. Can you have systemic lupus, & discoid lupus & can flairs last 2 years? Also, I get a lot of cold sores on my tounge, does anyone have a remedy? My tounge is alway's so sore.
Thanks for having me in your group. Wink
god bless,
vicky in az.
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replied July 13th, 2004
Extremely eHealthy
Cousin- everyone is different & so although it seems unlikely your cousin may be telling the truth - she may also not be on the right meds or not taking them which would make symptms worse/last longer etc!! You have your husband - does your cousin have anyone? If not that may be part of her need for attention.

Cold sores on your tongue - have you tried warm water & salt (be heavy with the salt) rinsing/gargling hourly??
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