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Son always catching Viruses

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My son will be 4 in Sept. He was hardly ever sick as an infant, but now he constantly catches viruses. It seems to be the same one not different ones. He was just sick a couple of weeks ago and the dr. said it was a virus. The only symptom he had was high fever (these are the ones he always gets). He now has the same thing and his fever runs anywhere from 102 - 104. This has been going on for about a year now. He has never been in a daycare until about 2 months ago. I just feel like it is not fair to him that he barely gets over it and then gets it again. I would like to know why or how he is constantly getting these??
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replied July 19th, 2003
Getting sick in daycare
Hi Angel,
My kids got sick a lot in daycare too. The good news is that by the time they entered Kindergarten their immune systems were much stronger and they didn't miss school as much as other kids who didn't go to daycare. I think no matter what age kids are when they first enter school or daycare, they will have some trouble with sickness. I was glad that when they got to school age (when being in class is more important) they were no longer home for sickness. My kids are now 5 and 8. The 8 year old has only missed 5 days of school in the past 2 years and that's because we went on vacation for a week! I hope your son will get through this quickly and you don't get too stressed from it. Best of health to both of you!
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replied July 20th, 2003
Thanks Dana for the encouraging words! I hope it is something he will grow out of soon. I just hate to see him sick. Smile
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