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headaches , stomach pains , and weak legs and arms

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Sad I have a 13 year old daughter that suffers from headaches, stomach pains, and weak legs and arms.

She has had this problem since she was old enough to tell us she did not feel good. We have had her to several doctors and specialists, who say that nothing is wrong with her.

Has been checked for depression, anxiety, has had upper gi, cat scans of head. She is a very good girl, straight a student and a good christian. Her mother and I are out of ideas. Any that anyone could suggest would great.
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replied September 24th, 2003
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Im sorry to hear that. Have you looked in ther internet of symptoms or diseases of something she might have? Keep checking more doctors. I dont know what to say, but I hope she gets better.
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replied October 27th, 2003
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How severe are the headaches? Are they regular headaches or excruciating migraines? I know when I get migraines I have some of the same symptoms: bad headache, upset stomach, weakness in my arms and legs as well as dizziness, sensitivity to lights, optical aura, numbness, etc. They sound scary by themselves but added all up they are classic symptoms of migraines. Don't know if this helps or even applies to what your daughter is experiencing but I wish you good luck. Hope you can find out what is going on with her and get her some relief.
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