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Ok, Cervix Is Softening How Much Longer??

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Confused Went to the dr today and he said babies head is in position and cervix is softening, no dilating yet, what does this mean, how much more time?
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replied July 11th, 2004
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Hey hun how far r u? I am 38 1/2 weeks, he said that ive softened and thinned (he couldnt tell if I had dialated yet because he couldnt get to my cervix because of the pressure from the baby and it was too painful) but from that (and the fact that the baby dropped and was very low) he said he thought I would have him in the next week. Who knows tho, I have no symptoms so im thinking I will make it to my due date (the 22nd) when he induces me. Its really hard to say, its all up to the baby. My doc told me he thought within the next week, but the baby could make it up to 3 if he wanted.
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