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Mucus Buildup In Throat And Night Sweats?

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Ok, had sex with a buy on sunday night- some oral, some attempt at anal, but didn't because it was too painful.

By tuesday, I was getting a lot of mucus build up in my throat - seems to fade over night, but comes back as the day progresses.

Thursday night, I woke up with a light fever, that was bad enough (along with the anxieties it caused) to keep my up all night.

Any idea if this could be more indicative of one disease than another? Going to make an appt with my doc today to see what he thinks. Also getting ahold of the guy to see if he has a history he should have warned me about.

Any help is appreciated.
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replied July 10th, 2004
I guess it could be many things. Dont want to scare you but I know those two symptoms you are having are both symptoms of acute hiv infection (but I think hiv symptoms take longer than only 2 days after infection to show up). Have you been vaccinated for hepatitis b? Cos I think some of its symptoms are what you describe too.

It could be anything though....Most probably something not even related to sexual intercourse.....

Hitting the guy up about his sexual history would probably be the most helpful thing you could do, followed by visiting the doctor, which your planning to do anyways.

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replied July 12th, 2004
Thanks for the feedback. I saw a physician's assistant and she took a swab for gonorrhea. She also agreed that it seemed like too soon to be hiv, but i'm going to go back in 8 weeks and get a full std screening - it's been a long time since i've had one anyway.

And i'm not stressing so much at the moment either Smile
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