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Another With Dibilitating Back/neck Pain

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this is very discouraging!
Posted: 07-02-04 12:23pm

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this is a first for me, and I must say, I am very saddened by the number of us that have the same pain and seem to be stuck with it.

Maybe there is someone out there with some advise for me.

I am a 49 tear old woman that has back pain for just about my whole life, beginning at the age of seven with a sadistic ballet teacher.

In adulthood I started with traditional medicine but quickly turned to chiropractic care, which I have continued for the last 15years. I have never been pain free, but did get enough relief to function (carefully) except for the inevitable one or two times a year I would have to take medical leave
from work.

Now it's much worse. I can no longer sit with my head down (writing this is painful) sitting to standing is the worst, I cant stand in one place very long, in fact I cant hold any position for any length of time. (sorry this is getting long)
i have been off of work 4 months this year trying to go back for three and ending up worse.

I finally insisted on an mri and a visit to an orthopedic surgeon.

My problem is I still don't understand whats wrong! I have been diagnosed with ddd,idd (whats the difference?), arthritis, spurring, narrow disc space, desiccated discs, motic changes, reversal of the curve in my neck, various degrees of disc bulging in 6 different areas!!! All I need to understand is why I am in so much pain!!! Surgery was considered to fuse l3-4, l4-5 and l5-s1.

We are trying therapy first, where it was discovered I also have a short leg, and tilted si and hip. Yet, I don't feel any of them understand the degree of pain I am in.

Is it that none of these things on there own is debilitating but the combination of all. Do I really want to let someone alter the base of a crumbling tower?

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replied July 7th, 2004
Sorry For Your Pain
Hi cz, firstly I must say that I am sorry for all the pain that you have been living with. I sustained an injury in 1992, l3/4, l5/si ... And although I wasn't surgical candidate at that time, my pain couldn't be relieved with a couple of tylenols. I finally had a diskectomy in august of 2000 after receiving three epidurals. In april of this year something happen to where the pain necessitated that I take tylenol with codeine -- averaing 5 pills a week. Well in mid june I started a different therapeutic method after doing my due diligence and I have as of this date, only taken 1.5 pills since june 18th. Incredible ... I can only talk about my personal experience. Pls feel free to contact me. Good luck and remember that information is good, so keep asking the questions of your providers and others. Otilia, rn, ms
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