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to Young For Menopause

Sad I was told that I was going through menopause about a month ago.. And I am sad about it because I am only 35 years old..I still want a baby and I was wondering if anyone has went through the change and still got pregnant or wanted to and found a good way to go? Please let me know


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replied July 6th, 2004
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Some women still get pregnant goin thru menapause, my husband is a change of life baby, talk to your Dr. Some women go thru the change of life early!
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replied November 10th, 2005
Hi navi
just read your message, I think I am going through the same as you, dont know if I am. This is all new for me. So I am serching for information. I am 38 and still trying for a baby. There are many people that I know who have had babies or expecting and I feel kind of sad that I am not one of them. I guess the feeling that if this is menopause its a sure sign that there will not be a baby in my life. I am an auntie to 6 kids and I love them to death.
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replied September 10th, 2009
Hi.Im going through the menopause and im 17 years old.
I always thought that I would start a family, and now I can't. I've been told theres only a 10% chance of me having a baby without using IVF.

Hope it all works out for you.
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