Rolling Eyes hi im 15 years old I had psoriasis since I was 3 and I hate having it because it is Embarassed on my face and very one asks me what it is and I hate telling them they some time pick on me Sad so please help!!!!!! Crying or Very sad
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replied July 10th, 2004
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My daughter had severe allergic reactions to many things when younger (she's 16 now) & still has to be careful but once she began to ssort out what to keep clear of things gradually improved - other people need to see a skin &/or allergy specialist to get help - have you done this??

Have you experimented to find creams that help - both my son & daughter found that they reacted very badly to the usual creams etc that specialists give kids with eczema/psoriasis etc so everyone is different & you need sometimes to just figure it out by trial & error.

Those who laugh or tease though will do it more if they know they've gotten to you & less if they think you don't give a damn about thewm & their teasing/bullying. Good luck.
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