Basically a few weeks ago I found a bump on my forehead, it's visable but only when you catch it in the right light. It's not a big lump, people only notice it if I point it out or ask them to feel it.

There's no pain when I touch it, but ever since I discovered it i've started getting slight head pain nearly all the time. However, before I found it, I don't recall any pains, so could this possible be psychological? I worry about it none stop, it's all I think about and I keep touching it. I've managed to get an appointment to see the doc but it's not until tuesday.

The only pains i've had are the head pains, which like I said, occured after I discovered it. I've not felt dizzy, had a migraine type headache, suffered memory loss or been unable to recall the names of objects, there's been no numbness that I can remember. Sometimes I get ringing in my ears, but this is only every so often and it only lasts 30 seconds at the very most and I don't remember having it in the past 2 weeks.

This morning I woke up and I felt amazing, I wondered if seeing the doc was silly because it only seemed to be a small bump. As the day goes on, however, I start to become more worried about it, and that's seemingly when the pain comes back.

Any help with this could be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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replied July 3rd, 2004
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Well,if you don't go see your doc your fears and what ifs will not be relieved.It may or may not be anyhting to worry about,but if ya don't go ya won't know.Don't ever feel like you're wasting your doc's time.Believe me,you're being charged for it!!Hope your appointment goes well,keep us posted! Smile
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replied July 6th, 2004
I went to the doctor today, he believes that it's just tissue, as it's seems between the skull and the skin. He also took my blood pressure and said that everything was in order.
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