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Sinus Infection Aftermath

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About 3 weeks ago, I got a sinus infection. I thought, alright if it doesnt clear up soon I will go see a doctor. Sure enough the yellow mucus insisted on staying with me, as did the other symptoms of a sinus infection and as a result it only got worse and I ended up taking a three course treatment of zithromax, aka z-pac. After the second day of antibiotics I started to feel better, except for an annoying post nasal drip, a constaint river of white musus flowing down my throat that kept me coughing all night. Soon after I finished the antibiotics, I started to feel crumby again and relapsed. Going to the doctor a second time he said the infection was still there and was prescribed tequin 400 mg tablets with entex asp. Surely but slowly I got better and the yellow musus stopped again. Now I feel nearly 100% but it has been a week since I have had this awful infection and I still have this annoying post nasal drip. And I feel sorta crumby from time to time. So I went in a third time, yes a third one, and the doctor told me that antibiotics were not the answer (thank god) and he gave me astelin nasal spray for the post nasal drip, flounase for the inflamation, and singulair for the something else. I dont know why I have singulair, because it is primarily for asthma. After taking these nasal sprays, especially the astelin, I feel really drowsy, and often feel that the only things that give me energy are sleep.

My question is it common for the post nasal drip to continue on for this long after a sinus infection? (over a week, with nearly no improvement)

and if anyone has been on astelin before, have you ever gotten used to the side effects?

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