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I'm 5'7" And About 170. I Am Overweight?

I'm 15 yrs. Old who is 5'7" and I about 170 lbs. I think i'm overweight and my friends tell me that i'm not. A friend told me that I look like i'm 140-145. Can anyone tell me what the average is for a person who is 5'7"? Also can you tell me if i'm overweight because I want to be at a health weight, I could really care less about being super skinny, all I want is to be health and look health. Thanks for your replies. Please help me out!
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replied June 30th, 2004
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I felt about the same way when I was about your age, I swam a lot, gymnastics, running, I had a lot of muscle tone and that will add the weight, you are right about not wanting to be skinny, you will end up sick! Try and except yourself how you are and be happy!

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