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My Gallbladder

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I was told a year ago my gallbladder was collapsed and filled with stones and needed surgery. Well I ve been real and weak and pain in my belly.Do I need to have this surgery, & if I dont what ould happen. Please respond

thank you

replied September 3rd, 2004
Have the Surgery
If you don't have the surgery, your gallbladder could get infected and it could spread to your pancreas. Are you having symptoms? Maybe you should just go ahead and have the surgery. I'm scheduled for sept 14.
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replied December 9th, 2004
Surgery Or Not
Though you can function just fine for years with gallstones, if you are experiencing symptoms of gallbladder problems it may be time to take it out. If it has been a while since you had an ultrasound, I would repeat it. If there are any further doubts, do a hida scan, but don't let them give cck if you have gallstones.

replied January 17th, 2006
Gallbladder Partially Collapsed
I too was told my gallbladder is partially collapsed. And that I have a subtel 1 cm low density on the tail of my pancreas. Anyone know what that means. I had kidney cancer in 2004 and had my right kidney removed.

replied January 17th, 2006
I believe that means they see something on your pancreas that should not be there, such as a growth or damage etc. And since you have a history of cancer, i'd not hesitate too long. You should also have the gallbladder removed. From experiance the surgery is not that bad & they can probably get a look at your pancreas at the same time. If you don't remove the gallbladder in the state its in, it could become infected & even turn gangrene.

replied March 4th, 2010
Gallbladder, liver, stones
Late reply, but for others who may stumble across this and be in a similar situation I will tell my story;

( I was 20 at this time, so remember it can occur in younger people as well)

I was having extreme pain in my lower back after eating, the hospital told me it was a muscle spasm i was given muscle relaxers, which made me exhausted and not much else. The pain continued and moved around my sides and abdomen. I went to the doctor again and was prescribed pain killers and told to get an ultra sound for gall bladder and spleen, xrays to make sure my spine was in order, and other tests to check for acid reflux.

They found my gallbladder to be collapsed with multiple stones inside. I had to see a general surgeon and was told it needed to be removed so I did.

The surgery was not bad, it was day surgery in and out, I rested the first day and by the second tried to walk around a bit without help to get water, popsicles, or use the washroom to quicken the healing process. ( do not allow yourself to become sedentary or it will take longer to heal)

Everything went very well, pain was gone within a week and I could eat as I pleased but did try to maintain a healthier diet.

5 months later, i developed similar pains after eating bread, so I stopped eating it. it is now 2 months later, the pain is horrible (worse than before the surgery) anytime i eat anything other than yogurt/rice/milk products. I went to the hospital today and have once again, another ultra sounds tomorrow. They believe I may have stones in my liver.

I do suggest getting the surgery, but remember do talk to the surgeon about aftercare and the possibility if complications (ie. new diet and liver stones) I am extremely worried I am going to have to undergo this surgery again because my liver wasnt checked then, however they maybe have just recently developed... we will see!!
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