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Very Scared...could My G/f Be Pregnant?

So heres the story, me and my girlfriend were having unprotected sex on tue (june 29th)(yes I know, very risky) I pullout out but then I ended up ejaculating on her leg, when I got up, there was some on her underwear that she was wearing and and what looked like on the outside of her vagina. We went to the local pregnancy center and she pulled out some chart and said something about how her ovulation wont occur until july 7th. Then she completely stopped talking about the issue of pregnancy and started to preach about abstinence and std's. This made me curious as to what the chances are that she is got pregnant. Can anyone help me please?!?! We've had unprotected sex in the past quite a few times, being the dumb people we are, and nothing has come of it, so im wondering if there is something wrong with one of us or something. Can anyone help?


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replied June 30th, 2004
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If you two are going to have unprotected sex than you know there could be a chance but if you pull out on time than there is not a slight chance. You said that there was some on her underwear close to her vagina well there is just a 50/50 chance but you never know. The only best possible way is that she waits to see if she gets her period, if she's late then it's best to get a pregnancy test. But to me I kind of doubt it. But it's to wait and see. If you two are not ready for the consequences of having sex I suggest that your gf gets birth control and that the two of you have protected sex. I know when the mood is set no one thinks about what may come after but you have to always be aware. Good luck
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replied July 1st, 2004
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Chances are you're ok. If she doesn't ovulate til the 7th, then the sperm can't live inside her that long. (if they're right about when she ovulates. There is a small change, but probably not.
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replied July 6th, 2004
My girlfriend is ment to be due on the 8th, we have the same fears although, we have never had sex only likr runbbed against each other whilst naked. I never ejactualted right onto her vagina but..... She is showing signs like the breast tenderness and the fact that she has the little white bumps around the nipple. We are hoping that she is ok, that realy would not be what we want right now in life.

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