Hello, a couple of years ago my last wisdom tooth started cutting through my gum. My breath became really foul to the point where I could actually smell it. It put me in a massive panic - I thought that i'd never be able to speak to anyone face to face again. I thought my wife would lose interest in me. I really was scared. After a while the wisdom tooth came through and my mouth started to heal. The smell died down but I could tell it was still there (if it was really bad before now it was just bad). Enough to make me self conscience about talking to people. I started to realise that I probably had this smell on my breath even before the tooth incident.

Anyway I started reading up on the internet finding as much information as I could and trying as many products as I could. Finally I have found one product that trully works. It's incredible. It's called:

blis k12 throatguard

it was developed to treat throat infections but in doing so also treats bad breath. More on that later.

Here's a list of what i've learned in my research:
  • bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth or throat. So it doesn't matter how hard you brush or how strong the mint the bacteria is resilient and will always be there.
  • the thing about licking the back of your hand is not always true. My bad breath originates in the throat so it doesn't work for me.
  • the chlorine dioxide products didn't work for me. It makes your mouth smell like a pharmacy and it doesn't seem to eliminate the odour completely.
  • you can get mouthwashes to kill the bacteria but they always regenerate within hours.
  • despite what people say you can tell if your breath smells. You usually catch a whiff of it when you are talking or sometimes when you yawn or whatever. Generally I think that if you suspect you might have bad breath it means you probably have bad breath. The metalic taste in the throat is a dead cert.

the throatguard contains a mouthwash and 12 lozenges. The mouthwash kills bacteria in the mouth and throat. The lozenges contain a type of good bacteria (streptococcus salivarius k12) that forms naturally in the mouth of "normal" people Smile. So you wipe out the bad bacteria and replace it with good bacteria. The lozenges don't contain sugar (just the bacteria and a strawberry flavour) so you can brush your teeth as normal in the morning then use the mouthwash then 1 1/2 to 2 hours later you can take the first lozenge. Then take another in another 1 1/2 to 2 hours then the next, etc. Your supposed to take 4 a day. There is dosage enough 3 days.

I finished my first dose on sunday (29th june) and i'm pretty sure there is a difference - I don't have the metallic taste, my mouth and throat just feel different. It even lasted throughout monday. Today (tuesday) I haven't brushed my teeth yet but I had a salad last night with raw onions so i'm not sure if it will last today. I'll keep you posted. Still though even if it lasts 2 days it will be a bonus. My wife said my breath smelt normal (although I do think she tells me what I want to hear).

One thing, I used all three doses on consecutive days (as instructed on the box - remember it's instructed for people with throat infections). So each morning when I used the mouthwash I killed off the good bacteria and started again. Next time I will use it only when I feel the bad breath creeping in.

Anyway hope this helps. I know how scary and isolating it can be to have this problem. I just hope they develop this technology. Join forces with colgate or something and bring out a whole range of toothpaste's, mouthwashes, chewing gums, etc with the good bacteria in.

There are brighter days ahead - here's hoping!
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